Telugu Alphabets , IPA Pronuncation, Video, Virtual Keyboard...

Along with Bengali and Hindi, Telugu is a language that’s spoken in India. You will learn how to write the various Telugu Alphabets in today’s session as well as how to pronounce them using either the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) or a video of a native speaker pronouncing the letters.

Telugu Alphabets , IPA Pronuncation, Video, Virtual Keyboard...

A virtual keyboard with each of the language’s unique characters can be found at the end of this session. Machine learning and neural networks are popular advancements used in a variety of handwriting (HW) pattern recognition of different persons. Identifying and understanding the (CNN) handwritten characters of various entities is also fairly difficult.

 The arrangement of trends in the research concept over the last few years has included the recognition of names associated with the Telugu cinema industry. Neural networks (NN) are crucial for Telugu’s identification of the HW character. The capacity of a digital machine to acquire and understand comprehensible HW data from documents, photos, touch displays, and various other electronic devices, etc.

TELUGU Alphabets Consonants LETTER TRACING

The ideal workbook for teaching children how to write the TELUGU CONSONANTS and alphabet This lovely 146-page book is designed to help kids learn the TELUGU CONSONANTS and alphabet through letter-tracing practise. Telugu Alphabets What’s in the Book The book includes information on each of the 36 TELUGU CONSONANTS (Alphabets/Letters), English phonetics, frequently used TELUGU words, and their corresponding English words for quick understanding and reference.

This pictorial book includes four pages for each letter of the alphabet and covers all 36 Telugu consonants. Telugu Alphabets 146 pages in black and white offer children ample room to practise letter tracing. The book includes a total of 4 pages each TELUGU CONSONANT/ALPHABET, offering ample practise area and pointing you how to trace them. The text

Telugu Alphabet and IPA Pronunciation

Diacritic ి
ISO a ā i ī u ū r̥̄ e ē o ō ai au
IPA /a/ /aː/ /i/ /iː/ /u/ /uː/ /ru/ /ruː/ /e/ /eː/ /o/ /oː/ /aj/ /aw/

English Approximant

Below is a table showing the Telugu alphabet and how it is pronounced in English, and finally examples of how those letters would sound if you place them in a word.

Telugu Alphabet English Sound Approximant Pronunciation Example
k as in kiss
c as in cat
as in tool
t as in task
p as in pool
y as in you
ś as in sweet
kh as in Scottish Loch
ch as in charm
ṭh as in that
th as in think
ph as in stop her
r as in rooster
as in sold
g as in game
j as in pleasure
as in door
d as in day
b as in baby
l as in life
s as in sweet
gh as in Ghana
jh as in Bridge hop
ḍh as in speed hump
dh as in speed hump
bh as in bulb holder
v as in vast
as in rainbow
as in noon
ñ as in New York
as in nice
n as in night
m as in map
as in life
h as in home

Vowels (when independent)

With (k) Sound
కి i
కు u
కె e
కై ai
కో ō
అం కం
కా ā
కీ ī
కూ ū
కౄ r̥̄
కే ē
కొ o
కౌ au
అః కః

Telugu Alphabets Online Virtual Keyboard

Learning to Write in TELUGU: Letter Tracing Workbook Children’s TELUGU Letter Tracing Workbook (Learn to write TELUGU Alphabets) Tracing the TELUGU Alphabet and Vowels: Learning to Write TELUGU Letter Tracing Workbook: Telugu Alphabets  Write more frequently TELUGU Alphabets for Children with Line Tracing and Pen Control (Learn to write TELUGU Alphabets) Vowels in TELUGU LETTER TRACING: TELUGU Vowels Practice Alphabet Work Book for Kids – Learn to Write TELUGU Letter Tracing Work Book (Learn to write TELUGU Alphabets) Tracing the TELUGU Alphabet and Vowels:

Exercise writing TELUGU Vowels Practice Alphabet Work Book for Kids – TELUGU Alphabets for Kids with Pen Telugu Alphabets Control and Line Tracing (Learn to write TELUGU Alphabets) For children, use the Trace TELUGU Letters Alphabet Handwriting Practice Workbook. Kids’ TELUGU Alphabet/Vowels Tracing Book: Write more clearly Alphabets in Telugu


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