December Global Holidays 2022: Most Popular That Are Worth Waiting For 

The happiest month of the year is December. The month is celebrated in a variety of ways around the world, including cultural, religious, and even professional events. Few months have as many different December Global Holidays does.

Families are reunited, and plans are made to ring in the new year.

Hanukkah, Yule, and other holidays are celebrated in December all around the world. Many people are looking forward to the December Global Holidays to end the year on a happy note after a year marred by the pandemic.

What Is the Importance of Decembers Global Holidays?

You might have been confused as a traveller by some of the December Global Holidays. Participating in these kinds of activities is a fantastic opportunity to discover more about other cultures. Below is a list of international holidays for 2022. The first holiday is Hanukkah, an eight-day Jewish celebration that lasts from November 28 to December 6. Consider this while making travel arrangements since Christmas may be celebrated on the same day as New Year’s Day in various nations.

Numerous individuals around the world commemorate Boxing Day on December 26. Today marks the end of the holiday season, which is why it is so extensively observed. On this day, World Alzheimer’s Day is observed in many countries to remember people who have passed away from the disease and to spread awareness of it.

Here are the most popular December Global Holidays for 2022,


Thanksgiving is from November 28 through December 6.

Category: Spiritual

Why It’s Celebrated: To commemorate the Second Temple’s rededication in Jerusalem.

Israel and various Jewish people groups around the world are the places where it is observed.

Chanukah, commonly known as the Festival of Lights, is another name for Hanukkah. Starting on the 25th day of the Hebrew calendar month of Kislev, December Global Holidays it is an eight-day Jewish holiday.

The first day of Hanukkah varies every year in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. This year, the holiday will be observed between November 28 and December 6.

Hanukkah celebrations often include singing strange melodies, including Ma’oz Tzur, and saying the Hallel prayer aloud.

Regular Hanukkah customs include eating oil-dried delicacies like jam-filled donuts and potato pancakes (also known as latkes) (also understood as sufganiyot). The customary festivities include gift-exchanging and dreidel games December Global Holidays.

The World AIDS Day

Thursday, December 1 is the celebration date.

Health is a category

Reasons for the Holiday: To raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic’s problems

Around the world, people celebrate it.

James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter created World AIDS Day in August 1987.At the time, Bunn and Netter were working as public information officers for the Global Programme on AIDS of the World Health Organization.World AIDS Day in December of 2021

The following December 1 was the first World AIDS Day, which has been the holiday’s official date ever since.

The goal of World AIDS Day is to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and to remember those who have been harmed or negatively impacted by the condition December Global Holidays .

There are many ways to commemorate the day, such as visiting orphaned children, supporting safe-sex initiatives, and pushing governments to step up their efforts to stop the spread of HIV.

Santa Lucia

To honour Lucia Syracuse, we commemorate Saint Lucia on December 13. The martyred Italian saint Santa Lucia stood in for Italy. It appears as a reflection of light in the area of the cloud that is dark. Santa Lucia remembers and honours Sweden as a symbol of hope and light on December 13th. On this particular day, we established the mood with evocative concerts and processions, white costumes and helmets, and sparkling candles December Global Holidays .

While young adults and teenagers participate in Santa Lucia celebrations in Sweden, Santa Lucia is primarily a holiday for (young) children in Norway. Both kindergartens and lower primary schools participated in the event. You’ll notice a variety of vintage ruffled white gowns around mid-November.


Pakistan on Christmas Day (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) Boxing Day, 25 December 2021, Various Countries, Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day) December 26, 2021

Unduvap Full Moon Poya in Sri Lanka on December 29, 2021

Philippines (Rizal Day) 30 December 2021 Various Countries (New Year’s Eve) 31 December 2021

December Global Festivities 2021

The list below includes the dates for all international holidays in December in 2022.

Name Of December Global Festivities 2021 Date Of December Global Festivities 
United Arab Emirates (National Day) 01 December 2021
Ghana (Farmer’s Day) 04 December 2021
Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day) 06 December 2021
Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday) 07 December 2021
Thailand (Constitution Day) 10 December 2021
Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe) 12 December 2021
Malta (Republic day) 13 December 2021
Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation) 16 December 2021
Qatar (National Day) 18 December 2021
Christmas Eve, Libya (Independence Day) 24 December 2021
Christmas Day, Pakistan (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) 25 December 2021
Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day) 26 December 2021
Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya) 29 December 2021
Philippines (Rizal Day) 30 December 2021
Various Countries (New Year’s Eve) 31 December 2021

The Bottom Line

Numerous international holidays in December can motivate you to finish the year strong and in style.

Keep in mind that December Global Holidays is not just the time to treat yourself to the nicer things in life. It’s also the perfect time to recognise the value of individuals who gave others the blessings they deserved at the end of the year, making it worthwhile for them to live.


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