How to use this easy piano keyboard?

The names of the notes on the various keys are displayed on this piano. If you’ve never played the before, you can practise playing short and easy tunes and learn the names of the notes.

Click “English notation” to view the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. Click “Latin notation” to view the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si. You can also select “empty concept” to view the open chords.

How to use this easy piano keyboard?

With the help of these lessons, you may learn everything there is to know about playing the  , including how to navigate the keys. As you advance, apply the advice to improve your sight-reading abilities and learn every song on the .

Playing easy things on the piano & composing

With the help of these lessons, you may learn everything there is to know about playing the piano , including how to navigate the keys. As you advance, apply the advice to improve your sight-reading abilities and learn every song on the  .

Also possible with our online keyboard:

  • Recognize the notes’ sounds. The musician’s ear, rather than his or her eyes or fingers, is the most important instrument. Enjoy every minute spent exercising your ear, and do away with reading dividers and automated phrases in the fingers…
  • Search for the melodies that come to mind. Enjoy every second of spare time and put it to use by playing a game instead of hunting for sheet music or notes you like. This is what will make you a musician: honing your ear, setting goals, and building a music library that will follow you everywhere.
  • Make short melodies and original tunes. Try different note combinations to make your own song. Starting with two axes:

Play piano online

To play the piano , either use the keyboard on your computer or the keys. The top row of the keyboard has a row of white keys for the letters and a row of black keys for the numerals. You can play several notes at once.

To hide the note names, select “Hide note names” above the . To mark notes on the , click “Mark.” By using the spacebar on your keyboard or the “Play” button (which is only available after notes have been noted), you can play the highlighted notes.

By pasting the website address into your browser, you can save your piano annotations. You can also share your markings with others in this way.

Everything you need to learn piano in one app

Start learning the piano today! You’ll enjoy learning piano with Yousician whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned master. Not to add, our online lessons are available every day of the year.

Your individual  instructor is Yousician. Practice by following lesson plans and engaging online lessons made by professional  players and actual music teachers. Your motivation will increase as you earn incentives, accomplish goals, and level up your piano playing talents thanks to Yousician’s innovative music-learning system.

Get a used piano inspected before you buy it

Similar to purchasing a used automobile, buying a used piano. You cannot know whether you are receiving a good deal or not without performing an inspection. Some old  could have severe damage that would be more expensive to fix than if you had just bought a new .

Let the seller know that you want a professional to examine the piano before you buy it if you locate a used  in which you are interested. Don’t purchase the piano if they won’t let you do this. They might be attempting to conceal a significant issue from you.

Used  that have already undergone a professional inspection are available in several music retailers. Nevertheless, it’s still a wise idea to

How many keys are on a piano keyboard?

52 white keys and 36 black keys make up the 88 keys on a conventional piano . Keyboards range in size from 25 to 88, with the majority coming in at 61. Fun fact: There are 97 keys in total—eight full octaves—on the Imperial Bösendorfer, a specialised grand piano made by the Bösendorfer firm.

Know the notes on which to tuned.

Typically, the note A serves as the orchestra’s reference note (La in latin notation). This note, which has a 440Hz pitch, acts as a tuning fork. For example, to identify the letter La on a keyboard, select a group of three black keys, most often the one directly in front of you in the centre of the keyboard, and press the white key directly to its left. If tuning with this note is widespread, you can obviously agree on any note.

Many instruments simply need a general tuning, or a single note to make the entire instrument fit, such as the brass pull on a violin.

Fun, intuitive lessons

Not familiar with  scales and notes? No issue. You’ll pick up all the fundamentals, including how to read music, how to hold a piano or keyboard with both hands, and how to position your fingers. You can see where each note is on the keyboard and which fingers to use to play various notes and chords with the help of our color-coded virtual . In this manner, you’ll constantly be aware of where to begin and what to do next.

Free interactive piano exercises

To learn how to recognise and play notes, intervals, chords, and scales on the piano , try the online piano exercises. Additionally, there are a variety of ear-training and music notation tasks. Free registration grants complete access to all of the exercises.


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