Why Should You Use Only All-Natural Skin Care Products?

Why Should You Use Only All-Natural Skin Care Products?

The number of skincare products available today is dizzying, as are the ways to use them. From billboards to Instagram, having good skin is showcased everywhere as the symbol of health, youth, and vitality. But this is not a new phenomenon.

People have been looking for ways to improve and take care of their skin for thousands of years. Even the ancient Egyptians used various beauty treatments and had skin care regimes. The difference between then and now is that they used only all-natural skin care products, and many of us do not.

Why Should You Use Only All-Natural Skin Care Products?

A large percentage of the skin care products that are available today contain chemicals that can be harmful to our skin, wellbeing and the environment when used long-term. But why would anyone make a skin care cream or product using potentially harmful ingredients?

Of course, skin care companies want people to have great results and keep using the product, but since we are all different, our skin may react differently to those it was tested on. Some of them may even be tested on animals.

Many non-natural products also contain artificial preservatives (parabens) which have caused widespread health concerns. One of the reasons that parabens are added to so many products is to give them a longer shelf life so they can be stocked in stores around the world for long periods of time, without them changing in any way. Some products have now been made ‘paraben free’. Which is great, but it doesn’t mean they are all-natural.

So why should you use all-natural skin care products?

Our skin is porous and can absorb around 60% of the things we put on it, that includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, skin protection, and makeup.

Take your daily skin care cream for example, that is something you use regularly and if it is made with toxins, and synthetic ingredients, your body will have an extra daily chore of trying to filter them out.

Here are just some of the benefits of using all-natural skin care products:

  •         Skin health and repair – For sensitive or allergy prone skin, you will find all-natural skin care products are gentler and more soothing. The natural ingredients promote cellular health and can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Sensitive or damaged skin would be more difficult to repair with artificial ingredients. Since all-natural products are toxin-free and rich in antioxidants, they complement your skin’s repair and regeneration process.
  •         Environment and ethics – Organic and all-natural skin care products tend to be more ethical and better for the environment. This is because they do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides which have been shown to negatively affect the earth’s soil, people, animals and wildlife. Things like swimming in outside waters, oceans and the sea wearing skin care cream or protection that contains chemicals, can contaminate those waters for anything living in it. The chemicals we use in the bath and shower go down the drain and enter the water supply. This would not be a problem if everyone used all-natural products.
  •         Quality and assurance – All-natural products are usually better quality because they are specifically made not to contain anything artificial. That means your body is able to recognize and work with 100% of the ingredients. Non-natural products may only contain a small fraction of natural ingredients. With all-natural skin care products, you can rest assured that what you are putting on your skin is nourishing and not going to cause any skin irritation.
  •         Skin protection – Nature gives us many ways to protect our skin and body from harmful UV rays, bacteria, and pollution so they do not enter the body. For example, olive leaves contain a powerful compound called oleuropein which has been shown to provide skin protection from the sun, reverse signs of aging and promote skin healing. You can get the oleuropein from olive leaf extract like D-Lenolate. Aloe vera is another powerful ingredient used in many of the top all-natural skin care products. Rich in vitamins A and C, aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory for the skin and can even be used to treat burns and chronic skin conditions.
  •         ResultsAll-natural skin care products work better and give better results because they work alongside your body’s natural processes.  By replacing your daily skin care cream with an all-natural version, you reduce the number of toxins entering your skin every day, promote healing, and enhance your body’s own age defense system. The results speak for themselves and are longer lasting. This is because the skin can regenerate using nourishment from the natural ingredients. If you combine this with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, you can tackle even chronic skin conditions from both the inside and the outside.

Where to buy all-natural products?

All-natural products can be found in more and more places as the demand for them increases. But be aware, many products marketed as containing natural extracts may not be an all-natural product. They may contain several artificial ingredients and preservatives as well as the natural extract.

That’s why it’s advisable to always go for trusted brands, backed by scientific research. Whether you choose to buy your natural skin care products at a health store, or online, always check the background and ingredients of the product so you know exactly what you are putting onto (and into) your skin.


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