Good Writing Can Do For Your Business

What Good Writing Can Do For Your Business

Writing is one of the most valuable qualities that I have been fortunate to develop and with which I have experienced a lot. And even if we live in a computer and message era of 140 characters, good affordable writing matters when we are in the context of a business.

What Good Writing Can Do For Your Business

Regardless of whether you are a great entrepreneur, a small business owner or an entrepreneur who is just starting, you need to know how to write for business. And yes, that is paying attention to grammar and punctuation, accompanied by a good choice of word and a consistent style.

Bad affordable writing can have negative effects on your business, from the creation of a somewhat coherent business plan to your ability to attract investors or communicate with your employees, vendors or even your customers.

This is why I will not only give you some tips collected from the web to improve your writing but also I described what this good affordable writing can do for your business at my recent posts at And, here I have shared 7 tips for better affordable writing for your business blog.

7 tips for better affordable writing for business

1.- Go to the point. Avoid phrases like The min purpose of this report I am sending you this morning …

2.- Provide concrete and convincing examples to support your arguments.

3.- Use an organized structure of the story, with a logical sequence: beginning, middle, and end.

4.- Shorten your sentences – many commas (,) are a problem.

5.- Identify your audience: staff, investors, executives; and use a different tone with each of them.

6.- Review the document before sending it.

7.- Do not overdo it with the style of the letter. Your documents should be easy to read.

Good writing can bring you, new customers,

 Have you ever thought about creating a blog or creating a social media presence for your company? Well, let me tell you that good writing can attract more people to these two interfaces. Writing interesting articles supported by your products or services is a good bait for potential customers.

And in social networks, sharing states or tweets with great content can also generate engage (involvement) in your followers. You must have written interaction through these means and therefore must be impeccable. Do not doubt the power of conversion that social networks and blogs have.

Good  writing improves communication with your employees

What would you think if your boss sends you a letter or message about the company’s status and is full of grammatical mistakes? You would probably think about your boss’s worst. And knowing how to write emails, messages, communications – or whatever – is no exception.

It is another aspect that you should take care of your image as a boss, is the facet of presentation that you make to your employees daily. In addition to being able to design motivational messages is an extra boost for daily productivity.

Good writing attracts investors

A professor at the university told me an anecdote: He was presenting a project of his company in front of interested people. He was somewhat nervous, so he tried to give the best presentation he could give. In the end, the entire presentation went well and was positively received by those present.

The time has come to present the cost of developing this project; My teacher launched an already projected number of what such a project would cost. 

The panel of interested, somewhat doubtful, tried to negotiate but my teacher was firm in the value of his company and that that was the right price for everyone. Then one of those interested said: “I give you 100 thousand less for the spelling error that came on the slide.”

When reviewing it, my teacher was silent accepting that his presentation had an abysmal error, since at that level such an error is unforgivable. He had to accept the project budget. And that is why he always told us that an accent had cost him 100 thousand pesos and that in the business world he must have an impeccable spelling.

The teaching of this anecdote is also reflected in the presentations that entrepreneurs make in front of investors. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, check to die the entire presentation. Let an accent not cost you 100 thousand pesos!

Good writing helps you create more sales

And not only do I speak for the moment of starting an email marketing strategy but also when you prepare the material that your sellers will use to make calls and convince potential customers to buy. If your sellers don’t understand the sales pitch, how can they sell? You must be concise and be able to convey the value of your products or services in affordable writing before your employees do so by speaking.

Writing as a primary tool in communication must be integrated with good spelling and semantics. The power of well-selected words and in the correct order can open new customers, markets and doors to money and success.

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