Top 8 Dresscode Ideas for Christmas Party

Almost everybody loves to party! However, office party invitations carry hidden stress – the unspoken dress code. How to decode the code? What can you actually wear when the party speaks of a particular dress code? You already have the newly arrived TBDress XMAS coupon codes but don’t know what to buy.

Don’t let the pre-party jitters play spoilsport over your excitement. Here is a brief explanation of the different dress codes usually mentioned in office party invitations. Grab a TBDress coupon code and choose your outfit accordingly and create a stunning appearance at the party.

  1. Black Tie/Formal

Black tie events are absolutely formal. So, keep your bling jewelry pieces and those bright prints away. Choose a solid formal color and wear just one piece of accessory that becomes the focus of attention. Men must wear tuxedos. Women must choose long dresses or cocktail dresses. Black is the undisputable classic color. Maroon, navy blue, deep purple, and other such dark, rich colors are acceptable. Pair it with a shimmery clutch or anyone shimmery accessories, such as a bracelet or long earrings or neckpiece.

  1. Black Tie Optional/Black Tie Invited

If your invitation card says so, this means the event is formal, but you have some flexibility in the outfit. Men can choose to wear a dark suit and tie and skip the tuxedo, if they want. Women can be more creative in cocktail dresses and long dresses. However, the dresses are still long in this event.

  1. White Tie

The most formal event is the White tie. So, if your invitation clearly states, “white tie,” you ought to use TBDress Christmas coupons 2019 because you may need you to buy a white tie, shirt, and vest, and a tailcoat. Ladies, you must purchase long evening gowns. Gloves are optional, but if you wear them, they would look perfect. Coupons help you shop without worrying about your pocket getting lighter. You can expect to get the best online deals.

  1. Cocktail Party

Cocktail events expect the men to dress in a dark suit. They can add a tinge of color, but not go overboard. Women should dress in knee-length or tea-length dresses or skirts. You can also wear fancy blouses with tailored pants. Sophisticated colors and cuts are recommended. Avoid funky and jazzy styles. Thanks to TBDress discount coupons, you can shop for elegant dresses in a variety of styles and colors. Hurry, before the best dresses get picked up!

  1. Semi-formal/Informal/After Five

People mistake semi-formal and informal with casual. Informal and semi-formal mean the same. And they are not casual. However, they do not mandate wearing tuxedos and long dresses. However, you still must choose rich, dark colors and avoid pop of colors. A dark suit works best for men for the evening. Women look best in elegant separates or cocktail dresses.

If the event is during the day, men can wear light coloured suits too. Women can choose a dressy suit, or stylish separates or knee-length chic dresses. No gaudy colours and prints, please.

  1. Business Formal

This is similar to a semi-formal event. While shopping for an outfit for this event, think of chic office attire. For men, it’s nice suits. For women, it’s dressy suits, pencil skirts, tea-length or ankle-length dresses, and well-structured pants. Avoid revealing outfits. You can get the best buy at TBDress by entering the festive offer TBDress promo code.

  1. Business Casual/Dressy Casual

You can wear casual clothes in such an event, but you still can’t wear ripped jeans, light-colored jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and funky attire. Men can wear khakis or pants or dark denim paired with a collared shirt or jacket. Women can wear trousers, skirts, or knee-length dresses. No short skirts please.

  1. Casual

If your party invitation says, “casual,” you can wear anything. Jeans, shorts, short skirts, minis, hot pants, T-shirts, off-shoulders, halter tops, one-shoulder, all kinds of dresses, and even tennis shoes. Experiment with colours and styles. Go bold, go beautiful.

So, what does your party invitation say? Whatever be the event, never forget to wear two things along with your outfit – smile and confidence. No look is complete without these. With a verified coupon of TBDress with you, a smile comes automatically to your face and you can shop confidently.

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