Top 10 Webtoon Comic Websites You Should Visit to Read Webtoon for Free.

Webtoon is a combination of 2 keywords, web and cartoon, and it is Korean creativity with the desire to create a new line of comics that is fair with American superhero comics and Japanese hentai manga.

Webtoon comics is flexible on mobile devices, on the desktop with vivid images and sounds.  Manhwa Webtoon was formed in South Korea in 2003, at first it was just a few cartoonlike webcomics caricatures and it was not until 2015 that this form of the story became more popular when the English version of the two companies was published.  Korea’s largest technology, Daum and Naver Webtoon, jumped in.

Making a big splash thanks to English translations, Korean horror stories have added versions of Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish … and gradually created  A global webtoon manhwa craze.

Naver joins with Naver webtoons service.  Since 2006, a number of Kang Do-young’s works have begun to be adapted into feature films such as My Aunt, New Life, New Me, Twice the Love, My Friend’s Dad, Black Hound, Mr.  Kang, Our Twenties, Sea Man, Our Complications, The Nice Woman, Close The Neighbors … However, it was not until 2013 – when the movie Stepmom – adapted from the online comic book, that attracted 1.95 million people.  to theaters, becoming the work adapted from the most popular comics in Korean film history, the golden age of webtoon began.

To date, the webtoon is a goldmine for film and television filmmakers to exploit, creating hit movies such as Stupid Love, You’re No Good, The Heart of Red Cloak, Pretty Girls, What’s wrong with secretary  Kim?  2019 and 2020 will be the year the webtoon lands on the screen with a series of medium or upcoming adaptations.

According to South Korea’s creative content agency, the country’s Webtoon comic market was estimated at about 1,500 billion won ($ 950 million) last year;  Of which, webtoon accounts for over 60%.  According to data from the National Information Industry Promotion Agency, the webtoon industry in South Korea achieved an annual growth rate of 9.3%. The Korean webtoon business units are gradually expanding overseas markets.  Lezhin Comics, Manytoon Comics, Free Webtoon Online are available in the US.  Toomics provides free webtoon online for platforms in China, the US and Japan.

Top 10 Free Webtoon Websites:

1- Naver Webtoon


3 – Lezhin

4 – Toptoon

5 – Tappy Toon

6 – Manga Hentai

7 – Toomics

8 –  Manhwa Hentai

9 – Spottoon

10 – Delitoon

The US is also within the sights of Korean businesses.  At a trade seminar with a Korean business delegation specializing in comics and cartoons organized by the Korean Consulate General Affairs in NY on November 13, 25 Korean companies were present to introduce themselves.  and looking for partners.

Last April, the Korean company Mobikor launched the first official webtoon service in the US called Manytoon, which introduced more than 30 works of famous manga companies in Korea, translated into English.  It offers free webtoon coins with 1000 free coins.

Compared to American and Chinese cartoons, Korean comics and cartoons do not pay much attention, but there are still some outstanding works, known by many audiences such as Pororo Penguin, Mischievous Larvae.

Manhwa has been introduced to the United States since the late 1990s and has been developing since 2010 with a series of works published by The Times, but the statistics presented at the workshop showed that the rate of interest in manhwa consumption in the country  we only have about 4-5% compared to other Korean cultural products like movies (47-50%).  Even so, Korean units are still very interested in the US market.

The strength of webtoon lies in the richness in genres (horror, boys love, girls love, adventure, romance, fantasy …), diverse topics (entertainment, education), suitable for many ages.  age of the audience (from kindergarten to teenagers, middle-aged people), content is not too wordy, interesting drawings, impressive storytelling and hiding valuable practical lessons.

However, according to Director John Lee, Korean businesses will face many challenges when expanding the market in the US: “Although webtoon is a cultural industry with high potential for development of Korea and is penetrating  international markets.  Korean comics or webtoons generally aren’t universally popular especially when compared to hentai manga.

It is still too early to talk about webtoon’s expansion in the US market, but given what webtoon has been doing in recent times around the world, the US should probably soon worry about a new sweep of the webtoon.  WebToon around the world.

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