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Tips On Finding The Right Thesaurus Apps

If you’re in school or have a family member who is, or looking to expand your vocabulary, a handy app to download would be a thesaurus app. There are quite a few thesaurus apps out there, so I did a bit of research to find one that worked well for me. During my search, I came across this list of apps that I found very useful.

Best 10 Thesaurus Apps Tips On Finding The Right Thesaurus Apps

So check out the link above, but keep reading on to find out what I learned about the different types of thesaurus apps and which kind could be beneficial to you.

Kid-Friendly Thesaurus

One great option for thesaurus apps are ones that are meant and designed for kids. They come filled with synonyms and definitions of words that are, of course, kid-friendly. Many also feature fun word games to help gamify the educational tool. Importantly, you should be able to choose an app by the specified age range of your child or student. That way, they only see words that they are meant to understand and not get distressed by over-complicated words that are above their learning range.

A thesaurus app for kids is a great way for them to expand on their vocabulary by learning synonyms and words. Not only do they get to see the words and become familiar with them, but you get the added bonus of having the words put into sentences for more context. This will allow the child or student to be more comfortable with using these words in their own writing. Ultimately, these apps will allow them to expand their vocabulary and give them the confidence to use them in different ways, writing or speaking.

Word Features Allow for Expanded Vocabulary

No matter what age range the user is, a great feature in thesaurus apps is something like a word of the day or even word learning games. Some popular apps come with widgets that can make it easy to get notifications on a new word each day, thus expanding anyone’s vocabulary one word at a time. That way, you can focus on trying to use the word ina sentence each day, furthering your understanding of the word.

Other apps feature word quizzes that help you memorize new words and their synonyms. If you’re studying for a major exam like the SAT or graduate record examination, these quizzes can be of great use.

Get an All-In-One

A good rule of thumb, whenever you are writing something of any kind, its beneficial to have not only a dictionary but a thesaurus at the ready. For this reason, you should consider downloading an app that has both readily available. That way, you can have the convenience of having both the definition of a word, as well as its synonyms and its antonyms.

Plus, many apps will let you bounce back and forth from the thesaurus to dictionary databases without losing your place in either. Many popular apps from publishers like Cambridge come with both databases as normal features, so if you’re looking for an all-in-one app, this would be a great place to start.

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In Conclusion

Whether your a professional writer, or you have a child eager to learn new words and meanings, or you’re trying to expand your vocabulary skills, you can find an app that works for you. Check out a combination dictionary and thesaurus app, or look for an app that gamifies learning new words for educational entertainment. Chances are, no matter what age range you’re looking for, or reasons you want to learn new words and their meanings, you will be able to find the right thesaurus app to expand your vocabulary and improve your knowledge of the English language.

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