Things You Need To Know as a Children’s Book Illustrator

Are you looking to make a career as an children’s book illustrator in this overly competitive world of designing? Are you ready to take on all the challenges and learn all the necessary skills to stay strong in this era where digital designs are taking over? Are you ready to upgrade your traditional design skills and learn the smalls and bigs of digital illustration software? Then voila, you are in the right place. We are here to display a list of the most prominent art tools as well as any necessary tips that will help you find a decent job and a reputed publisher to appreciate your work. 

As a picture book illustrator remain assured that you are going to get a lot of competition in this field. The good news is, while the number of professionals in the field is high, the quality ones are shrinking and shrinking more. 

If you are an illustrator who always remains excited about blowing life in the characters of a children’s book, and you enjoy the story as much as you enjoy the beautiful art in the books, then you are standing on the right spot. And yes, people like you, who enjoy their jobs and who make their hobby their jobs are rare in this world. We are going to flow your web page with some crucial tips about how to look for a publisher, how your portfolio should look like, and what kinds of tools are needed. 

Things to Remember

We are literally living in a digital world. Our messages, emails, chats, video conferencing, money transaction, and almost everything is digitally managed. As a children’s book illustrator, you will need to have a hands-on digital designing platform that you can’t miss in today’s times.

Basic Experience

Illustrators and designers of all ages have been using traditional tools to design art with their unique touch of creativity. They were present for a long time and they are still not going anywhere. In fact, the publishers love the traditional way of getting a craft done. Also if your portfolio contains several masterpieces of the designs created using traditional tools, it will definitely look different than the others and get the attention of the publishers. 

Using Digital Tools

Have you ever heard about Adobe Creative Cloud? If you haven’t you are lacking a great deal of knowledge of the digital world or probably you have been doing cave painting in the caves of Great Himalayas, were you? Adobe is sitting on the pinnacle of all the digital designing tools of today. Almost sixty percent of today’s designers are using photoshop, illustrator, after effects, and much other software. The company rolls out new software every year to keep the designer busy. Investing in Adobe is really a good thing for today’s illustrators. 

When you go ahead and start a portfolio kind of blog to showcase your art, remember to put on only the best pieces. Publishers have very keen eyes to distinguish bad art and good ones. And hence, it is important that you understand the designing trends and the publisher himself. 

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