The Best Annual Irish Festivals To Catch This End of Summer

Here comes August ‒ the midsummer to some nations ‒ but in the western part of the world, the month indicates the near end of summertime. Everyone loves summer because there are so many great things to do like travelling, hiking, going to the beach, and of course, catching different summer festivities. The weather’s still warming up, though. So, before you kiss goodbye to your favourite season, try to enjoy the rest of your days if you’re travelling to Ireland and make it the best summer of your life by crashing some of the best festivals in the country. 

You know Irish people love festivals. They really do. Mainly because this gorgeous little island that they often refer to as the Emerald Isle is home to several fantastic events which only proves that there is very little that Irish peeps are not happy to celebrate. Scroll down to find the best festival to catch this remaining summertime.  

Indiependence Music and Arts Festival


Indiependence is a weekender music and arts festival that is usually held every August in the outskirts of Mitchelstown, Cork. The festival offers a wide variety of artists that concentrate on indie music, spoken word, small cinema, and other relevant attractions. Indiependence has first started as a small and free festival that was initially held in 2006. The festival’s free admission and exceptional shows helped gain the crowd capacity in 2008, shortlisting the event as one of the best small festivals in Europe while winning several awards within Ireland. Although, it became a paid event starting 2009.

Schedule: August 4 – 6 

Reason for going: Ireland has been renowned for great music and literature and I don’t think there’d be any much better way to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend than sitting on a camp, listening to some great indie music.   

Puck Fair

puck fair

Puck Fair may sound like a little odd for some visitors because it’s not about music or anything related to literature. But the festival is actually centralising on a goat, not an old goat but a male or puck goat. Myths about the puck goat named He-goat may vary from town to town but the thing is that people celebrate this special festival every year to commemorate He-goat in his late honour. The fair lasts for three days each year. The first day is known as “The Gathering” where He-goat’s statue is enthroned on a stage while the horse fair is held. The next day is known as “The Fair Day” or the time for cattle fair. The last day is called “The Scattering” where He-goat is removed from the stage, symbolising that his reign as king Puck ends and that he is then returned to the wild mountains of Kerri.

Schedule: August 10 – 12

Reason for going: If you are interested in literary, legends, and tales, then involving yourself in a real commemoration festivity can help you better celebrate old local stories and cultures. Plus, the event is known as the oldest and longest-running fair ever held in the country.   

Cape Clear Storytelling Festival

cape clear

The storytelling festival in Cape Clear is one of the most iconic in the world’s storytelling calendar. The main purpose of this event is to bring together some of the most accomplished tellers from around the world and their avid listeners for great, inspirational storytelling and ancient art forms that tackle different issues and scenarios including an intimate and dramatic island environment. The festival also features concerts and workshops to charm its audiences. If are one of those literary enthusiasts who are planning to book a hostel around Cape Clear, you have to start requesting for reservations now because this event causes one of the busiest days in the island. 

Schedule: August 30 – September 1 (all-day event)

Reason for going: The Storytelling Festival is an interactive event where you can meet only the best storytellers from around the world. Plus, the stunning scenery and local folklore makes a perfect venue for the show.  

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