Leg Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Modern jobs can be very demanding. You could easily find yourself working more than 40 hours a week without noticing. It could be you’re working two jobs and you don’t have any time to keep fit. There are some exercises that don’t require a lot of work and you can easily incorporate them in your work routine.

Sitting down for eight hours straight is also not good for your health. It could leave your body sore especially around the leg area. There are legs exercise that could come in handy in ensuring that you’re fit even if you don’t work out regularly.

Pistol Squat

Learning this move will make you feel like a loser! Chances are high that you will fall in the bottom position when trying to maintain a balance. Depending on the level of fitness, it might not be possible to get all the way down even if you’re far away from the reception desk. Should you master this exercise, you will be adding a powerful weapon to your leg training arsenal. The main areas of target include the glutes, hamstring, and quads which can be affected with prolonged sitting and minimal body activity.

You begin the exercise in a standing position then slowly extended the leg in front of you while balancing the other foot. Proceed my squatting all the way down while lowering the glutes and the hips towards the floor. You should be bending the knee at the same time until the working thigh is below parallel. To return to a standing position, make sure you’re driving through the hills. You could choose the reception area to be doing this kind of exercise because there is likely to be free space and a lot of interference.


This is another type of exercise that you could do from your desk if it is allowed in the workplace. There are different variations that you could try. The key is to find one that works for you. You can always switch up the kind of squats you do depend on the energy levels during the day. Ideally, you want to start by positioning the chair against the wall. The office chair could serve this purpose. You should stand in front of the chair then start squatting as if you’re going to sit down. When you’re about to reach the chair, stand up and then repeat the process a couple of times. Maintain this position for a while even if you feeling taking a rest.

Thigh Squeeze

This exercise is focused on increasing strength around the thigh area. You should have a hand towel or a flexible ball in your work area for the exercise to be effective. Start by holding the ball between the knees area. Proceed by squeezing the ball as hard as you can as you count up to five. You can then slightly release the tension without letting go of the ball. Repeat up to 15 times for an effective workout session. This workout is ideal for the office environment as you can do it under the reception desk without anyone knowing.

Leg Lifts

Sitting for hours can lead to poor blood circulation around the leg area. Individual leg lifts will aid in the circulation of blood thus strengthening the muscles. You should start by sitting in an upright position on the chair. You can always hold onto the chair’s arms if you need support. Start by raising one leg while pointing the opposite of your body. You should hold onto that position for 20-30 seconds before lowering it to the floor. You could be alternating between the legs for a good workout. It is also a good exercise to do if you feel sleepy in the office.

Knee Raise

This exercise uses the same principles as legs raise but only the knees are raised this time. The knees should be bent. You should lift one of the legs so that the knee is bending toward your chest. The legs should be raised as high as possible and hold onto the position for around 20 seconds. You can repeat the same for the different leg. Keep alternating while also doing leg lifts.


This one should be easy. Instead of using the lift when going to the reception area, use the stairs. Whenever you get a chance to walk, make sure you’re doing so. Take a stroll during lunch time. Not only will it help with the exercise, but it will also make you sharp thus increasing productivity in the workplace. Work doesn’t always have to tie you down when you can improvise creative ways to exercise.

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