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Know Which Fashion Clothing Brands Have Nailed It When it Came to Counter Corona

Corona Virus Disease which is also known as COVID-19 has slowly spread its wings across the globe since the patient zero first found roaming the streets of Wuhan City in China’s Hubei Province. I am a citizen of Jaipur and a fashion blogger by profession. And I will never forget how this disease caught around 900,000 people in just 3 months with around 44000 deaths.

Know Which Fashion Clothing Brands Have Nailed It When it Came to Counter Corona

In Jaipur, I often stay in contact with clothing shop owners, mid-scale fashion cloth stores with Jaipuri and Jodhpuri Designs, and big designer stores in Jaipur, some of which also happen to have women’s festive wear online stores on the internet to sell their goods. With the corona outbreak reaching the highest number of casualties, the businesses of these sellers are out of services from more than ten to twelve days.

Without a doubt, we can say that the COVID 19 virus has caused a really negative impact on the clothing and fashion industry. If we are to be more specific here, we can say that it has been escalated in the middle of this year’s fashion season which is March and April.

The Virus is causing small business owners, mid to large-scale business owners, and established brands and fashion & fabric design houses to close doors, stores, and showroom and ultimately postpone any upcoming events, happenings, gatherings, and shows. CFDA awards and Met Gala events are two noticeable names here. After they have been postponed, no one knows when they will be announced.

Department stores, shops, street clothes sellers, and manufacturing houses across the globe, including Nordstrom, Raymonds, Manyawar, Neiman Marcus, Reid & Tailor, Indian Terrain, Macy’s, and the Bunkers have closed their doors.

Every day we see in news and updates that well-known celebrities and figures have tested positive for COVID-19, including actors Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, and even the prime minister of the United Kingdom. This virus spreads with light speed in areas of gathering such as police stations, hospitals, and armies.

  As the virus continues to spread, a number of businesses have come ahead to fight it hand to hand with the weapons they have at their disposal. So what do clothe manufacturing houses and fashion brands have? It’s simple, they have clothes & necessary fabrics to prepare COVID 19 masks and transportation to deliver the mask to the important places. Let’s see what the following brands have been doing:

  1. Vera Bradley

If you are active in the world of fashion, you might have heard the name of Vera Bradley. It is a renowned American luggage and handbag design company, which was founded by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1982. From the last 40 years, this firm is tirelessly delivering stunning fashion clothes & bags. The brand recently announced it will use its own fabric which indeed is the quite good quality fabric to produce masks instead of creating handbags and accessories. Doctors, workers, army personnel, paramedical staff will get the first lot of the masks.

  1. Burberry

When it comes to best quality fashion trench coats, fashion accessories, ready to wear outerwear, perfumes, sunglasses, and cosmetic items, there are just a handful of brands in the entire world that can beat Burberry Group PLC. It was established decades ago to serve as a benchmark brand in the landscape of fashion. On its authentic website, the brand recently stated that it would invest a significant amount of resources, money, and time, to help the governments currently struggling with the most dreadful COVID 19 Outbreak. It announced that it plans to manufacture and deliver around 100000 masks.

  1. Kate Spade New York

Just two days ago, the CEO of Kate Spade New York mentioned on the brand’s official Instagram channel that it will donate a whopping $2 million to the well-known New York City’s small business continuity fund shortly. The brand is actually inclined towards helping all the small businesses in the New York City that currently are in a dire need of help and support and in past years, tried their best to make the city a lovely place to live.

It is really hearting whelming to see big brands coming to the ground and helping the community and people with all the resources and money they have. If every brand in the world, along with small and medium scale businesses, begins to think like the same, the world would sure be a better place and we will defeat the pandemic in no time.

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