Know the Difference Between Anxiety Attack Vs. Heart Attack

heart attack

You would be hearing numerous cases of people rushing to hospitals after complaining of pain in chest, restlessness, or irregular pulse rate all of a sudden. However, every time it is not because of a heart attack. The reason behind such a panic situation can also be an anxiety attack.

In most of the cases, it is hard to identify a difference between these two attacks, and you need to rush to a heart hospital as soon as possible. If you closely study and identify the features, there are a few differences between the two.

Here is a comparison that will help you in assessing an emergency in a better manner and let you make the right decision: –

  • Many people often complain of an increased heart rate suddenly, which is accompanied by a feeling of restlessness. If this increased pulse rate is without pain in the chest, there are high chances that it is just an anxiety attack and not a heart attack. In a heart attack, there is an extreme pain that lasts for more than a few minutes, and it is hard for the person to stay normal during that severe pain and racing pulse rate.
  • During a heart attack, there is also a pain in most of the upper body parts. These body parts include the neck, jaws, shoulder, and even stomach. If a person has an anxiety attack, there will be no pain in these parts of the body.
  • Anxiety attack is usually accompanied by rapid breathing. The pace of breathing suddenly gets too high and then returns to normal. These fluctuations are seen throughout the attack. However, if someone has a heart attack, the person will also be having difficulty in breathing simultaneously.
  • A few minutes before a heart attack, the person will get cold sweat, feel nauseous or their head might suddenly seem to be too light. This is one of the most common symptoms of a heart attack and is seen in almost every case.
  • In case of an anxiety attack, the person panics too much, and the thinking becomes irrational. It gets very difficult for others to convince them that this is not a heart attack. However, in a heart attack, the person is in extreme pain and is unable to think or react too much.

Though there are differences in the symptoms of both these attacks, only a medical examination can conclusively tell the difference between the two. Moreover, these things vary from one individual to another, so it is hard to tell when the panic situation arrives. If you know these symptoms well and identify that it is a heart attack, the person should be immediately rushed for a medical aid and heart attack treatment should begin at the earliest.

Know the differences between these two types of attacks, and you might be able to save lives in the future. Just remember that panicking is not the right solution. You must be wise enough to analyze and make the right call.

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