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Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social media networks on the planet. Instagram, like Snapchat, launched the storey function a few years ago. Instagram stories now have over 400 million users. And 70% of these users look at watch Instagram stories anonymously on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that you may watch a storey directly on Instagram, many people prefer to use third-party Instagram storey viewers. The reason for this is that your Instagram identity displays in a list of storey watchers under “seen by #” on the platform. IG storey viewers are available for individuals who would like to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Why do you need to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Watch Instagram stories anonymously is a lot of circumstances, anonymous access to another person’s profile may be necessary. The function will aid people who conduct business online in evaluating the activity of competitors. Advertising can assess the profile’s activities and the likelihood of attracting it for a campaign.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously
How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

In private circumstances, people in love who wish to monitor a person first and then take effective steps are most likely to be interested in viewing accounts. Instagram provides an opportunity to learn about people’s interests, tastes, fields of interest, and leisure activities. It is indeed possible to plan a memorable date if you have gathered such information.

As a result, everyone wants to be able to watch Instagram storey anonymously. And IT businesses have created some useful solutions to help with this. You can, for example, make use of some specialised services, Telegram bots, or apps.

Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously:

Top 5 apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously | AppTuts

Avoiding detection while browsing Instagram Stories by evading the Instagram Story viewer list is perhaps the most challenging aspect of Insta-stalking somebody. Being a member of the audience for a Story would have been enough to make you want to avoid watching it. While there appears to be no method to avoid having your identity appear in a Story, there are indeed a couple options for viewing a Story without being detected, as long as the account is public or someone you already follow.

So, how can you watch on somebody’s Instagram Stories without them knowing? Is it even conceivable to achieve such a goal?

Below is a list of everything they have to provide:

  • Turn on Airplane Mode:

How to turn on Airplane Mode on Galaxy S10 - YouTube

When you have the Instagram application installed on your cellphone, using Airplane mode is the most straightforward way to watch Instagram stories without being noticed. Airplane mode is available on both iPhone and Android phones. It’s actually quite straightforward. You simply open Instagram and sign in using your username and password. Allow a few moments for all relevant stories to load on your smartphone. Then go back to Instagram and turn on Flight mode to see the stories. You may watch the tales without using the internet because they are all well before on your device. Because you’re in Airplane mode, your view isn’t counted. This might be the simplest solution for seeing Instagram stories without them knowing.

  • Use Web Browser Extensions:

The Best 3 Browsers In 2018 For Speed, Safe Browsing, And Stability -  TechnoStalls

IG tales for Instagram is a Google Chrome browser plugin that allows you to watch anyone’s Instagram storey without them knowing. You may quickly visit Instagram stories on your computer after installation this type of gadget in your browser, and your watch does not counted.

You can utilise Stories Watcher if you are using Firefox. You will be able to view the content without checking in and, more crucially, undetected. Even if you’ve seen them all, the stories will keep appearing unnoticed. If you do not like to install the extensions, you can still access it through its users can download as many stories as you would like.

  • Online Instagram Story Viewer:

One of these websites is the Instagram Stories Viewer. It quickly answers the question of how to read another’s Instagram storey without them realising it. You can select whether to download the Instagram storey as a clip or a picture from this website. Simply enter the username you wish to monitor into the tool’s search field. During 24 hours, you will have access to all of this user’s tales. Another software tool, Instagram Tales Data, allows you to browse stories that were uploaded in the past. The concept’s only drawback is that it can only be used with public accounts.

  • Try StorySaver App for Android or iOS:

Story Saver for Instagram - Story Downloader APK 1.4.5 Download for Android  – Download Story Saver for Instagram - Story Downloader APK Latest Version  -

A specialised app is desirable if you need to watch various Instagram stories discreetly. A free application named StorySaver is available for Android customers. You may get it from the Google Play Store and see Instagram stories by completing the instructions below.

To get started, you’ll need to sign in with your Instagram profile. You’ll see a list of all the people you following who have stories active right now once you’ve logged in. If you need some to sneak a peek at someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing, simply choose it to see all of their current tales. You may also search for an user’s profile to quickly locate a certain person and view their history.

You’ll have the choice to republish, save, or share the storylines as soon as you’ve seen them. An eye-shape icon is also available. If you would like your opinion to be heard, do not even tap on it. Remember that you can only access the tales of your buddies who are active at the time with this software. If you’re using iOS, there’s a comparable application. Story Reporter is the app’s name.

MPL Mobile Premier

  • Use Siri Shortcuts:

You do not have to download any applications if you’re using iphone 13. Shortcuts, a standard application, may help you answer the query ‘How to watch Instagram stories anonymously?‘ as well as do a lot of other things at the moment. If you can’t identify the Shortcut app from the app store or iPad, you can get it for free on the App Store.

Click the attachment in Safari once you’ve downloaded the Shortcuts app to receive the shortcut for reading or downloading Instagram stories. Simply execute this shortcut, and you’ll be requested to input your identity or account link. Shortcut will then find all of the tales accessible for this person and offer you a brief preview.


That concludes the five methods for watching Instagram stories anonymously. If you try something personally, you’ll notice that using some of these methods to view the article several times has no effect on the storey view count.

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