IELTS for Canada: Prerequisites and Reasons

Canada is one of those First-World nations that is becoming a top-notch destination for education globally. Host to almost 180,000 students per year, Canada is the hot-seat of high-quality Higher Education thanks to its innumerable positives when it comes to basic life necessities. 

The North American country has an extremely high standard of living coming hand-in-hand with a very low cost of living. As hard as that is to come by and comprehend,the Canadian lifestyle is a standing proof of it all. Canadian Institutes charge one of the lowest educational fees among the competing countries which automatically results in higher competition for the seats, all with maintaining excellent educational quality. 

The UN signified Canada as the best residential area in the world along with Ontario and Toronto named the best international cities by Fortune Magazine. Low crime rate, less civic violence makes the destination a more secure place for a healthy education. The peace-loving, harmonious and diversified population is a welcoming one,who knows how to make immigrants feel like one of their own. Clearly, Canada rightfully is worth the shot for striking a success through IELTS. 

Preparation for the Process

For a Canadian Visa, one needs to showcase their Eligibility in English to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). That’s a start, the pathway being IELTS. 

The International English Language Testing System IELTS preparation for Canada is a measure of language proficiency of whomever eager to study or work in a country where English is used as a language of communication. A nine-band scale is used to do the ranking which spans from level 1 ( non-user) to level 9 (expert). With 48 tests a year and transparent and fair checking of intelligence without any cultural bias, IELTS is fairly a benchmark of a standard International exam. 

The exam is set up on the well-oiled levels of fundamental requirements in the English language in Canada. They are as follows:

  • Listening to four recordings of native English speakers from which the assessors will judge your ability to understand ideas and factual information, the attitude and style of opinions of the speakers. 
  • Academic Reading Test includes a wide range of skill-set demands like reading for gist, reading for the main idea of a statement, reading for detail and understanding the logic in an argument. 
  • General Training Writing includes topics of general interest. Tasks include writing a letter as per a given situation of personal,semi-formal and formal style. Also, an essay is also on the agenda based on a response to a point of view, argument or problem. 
  • Speaking section to assess the spoken ability of the applicant. General Q/A sessions, extempore speaking and in-depth questioning are the 3 levels of the Spoken assessment. 

The Silver-lining 

As it stands from the exam module, the very basic gradients of English Communication is tested in the IELTS for Canadian aspirations. Hence,the exact basic fundamentals of English grammar, writing, understanding, and pronunciation is what is to be honed. This itself is enough to carry one through the generic ranking up the IELTS scaling. Furthermore, as the level increases, it’s the same fundamental factor of the English language on which the advancements will be made. So the preparation stands quite stepped and simple compared to its International structure. Thus, a very humble and hardworking effort on the essentials is more than enough to see you through. Future’s for the taking, afterward! 

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