How to Select the Right OTT Solution Provider

How to Select the Right OTT Solution Provider?

With more players entering the OTT market, the demand for reliable OTT technological support has increased. Most businesses want to target large markets and want to reach their audiences instantly.

How to Select the Right OTT Solution Provider?

But, the ability to distribute and manage your content with an excellent user experience depends on the partner you choose for infrastructure and technical expertise. 

From video-on-demand and live streaming technology to OTT advertising platforms, a comprehensive solution provider is necessary to build a strong foundation in the OTT market. 

Keeping that in mind, you should consider points when selecting your OTT solution provider:

  1. VOD and live streaming hosting with recording

Live streaming an event can be redistributed as a recorded content for audiences who would want to watch it later. Of course, live streaming brings a massive viewership, but its recorded version can also add to the revenue obtained.

This is why you should find a partner who can host live streaming as well as VOD content. That way, you will be able to provide live and video-on-demand services simultaneously. 

This dual functionality along with automated recording capacity will make your platform a perfect place for audiences to watch different formats of content. 

  1. Scalable between small and large audiences

OTT has become a global phenomenon. All OTT platforms aim to cover more than one country, which requires a scalable infrastructure. A successful streaming platform is possible when it is backed by a highly scalable technology partner. 

Your OTT solution provider should be able to reach both ends of the scalability spectrum. So, if you are a small-sized business, the right provider will deliver as per your limited needs. But, at the same time, the solution provider has to have the ability to scale up the support as your business grows and covers larger markets. 

The CDN of your service provider will play a critical role in this decision-making process. CDN or Content Delivery Network has to be scalable to deliver VOD as well as live streams without compromising on the quality.

  1. OTT analytics and monetization

Analytics and monetization are the final two essential features. The monetization approach has to be professional and aligned with modern-age standards; otherwise your audiences can easily discard your service to look for others. You can choose OTT advertising, subscription model or both, in order to build a strong user base around your channel.

But, it would be possible only when your service partner is able to host different monetization options, especially in the zone of AVOD solutions. Advertising on OTT platforms requires an equal level of content quality, accuracy, and personalization as your main content. 

Along with excellent monetization solutions, there have to be functional tools to provide top-level analytics related to the content, advertisements, viewership and more.

The assurance of in-depth data availability will allow you to understand your audiences better, identify problems in their early stages and improve your offerings in terms of quality and efficiency. 

With these considerable factors, you can successfully select the right OTT infrastructure solution provider for your streaming business.

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