How to choose your panties according to your morphology?

How to choose your panties according to your morphology?

How to choose your panties according to your morphology?

Choosing your panties is always a puzzle. And especially when it comes to finding panties that go to your butt.

And from the full range of panties, it’s hard to know what will best suit your figure. So, to help you choose and feel good in your panties, we are here with tips that will help you in finding out which morphology you are related to and how to choose the panties that suit you the best and make the right choice and avoid exposing your most personal flaws.

Here are the types of panties that you should buy now to dress your buttocks nicely as per your morphology.

When you have flat buttocks, what panties to choose?

Contrary to popular belief, the flat buttocks are easier to sublimate than we would like you to believe. Focus on models that add volume by playing on shapes and materials.

We prefer retro panties, a bit puffy, which do not fail to be adorned with ruffles, frills, knots and other extra details to create an effect of volume and give shape to your buttocks.

A cute shorty can also highlight your buttocks by marking a separation with the top of your thighs- another option, push-up panties to redraw the silhouette and shape your buttocks. For the more daring, turn to the push-up panties for a sublimely redesigned buttock and a sexy curve!

Avoided: Strings and other micro-shorts which give you the illusion that your buttocks are even flatter than they are.

What panties to choose when you’ve got voluptuous buttocks?

You have some beautiful shapes to showcase. That’s good, a multitude of possibilities are available to you to sublimate your voluptuous buttocks.

We prefer the short, more attractive than the conventional panties, and also has the gift to highlight our curves. We may also opt for a panty piece of story-sculpting to highlight our curves while preserving them.

We avoid Elasticated panties that tend to leave unsightly traces under our clothing, thongs and other skin-marking parts. Since the old-fashioned adage “you must suffer to be beautiful” is false.

Which panties to choose when you have plump buttocks?

You are one of the lucky ones who can afford all types of panties.

We favour everything you like, from small to high-waisted panties and lace boyshorts, since in any case, absolutely everything suits you. However, the tanga or the thong will particularly highlight your buttocks.

Avoid: Even if you can afford everything, panties that are too small tend to cut the curve of the buttocks. Choose the right size: neither too tight nor sloshing.

What type of panties to choose when we want according to our belly?

It would be wrong to think that the shape of the buttocks only conditioned the choice of panty. Those who wish to reduce their curves can turn to shape panties.

We prefer high-waisted panties or a sculpting model, without hesitation, offer a good compromise between morphology, elegance and comfort. In the case of a sheath, we take care to choose the appropriate size, so as not to be compressed.

Avoid panties or low waists that do not support the lower abdomen unless we don’t care – for a good reason.

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