Here’s How You Can Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring!

Found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with? Great! Asked her father for her hand? Great! Have an excellent marriage proposal in mind? Great! Thought of a stunning wedding ring? Well, maybe…

Like all other guys, if you too are stuck on choosing the perfect wedding ring, you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will guide you on how to buy an affordable wedding ring for your bride to be.

Since choosing the perfect wedding ring can be an overwhelming task, we have put together the best guide that can help you purchase an engagement ring that your girl will fall in love with.

Here’s how you should get started!

  1.       Set your budget first

Before you step into a jewelry store, make sure you set the budget first. With a budget in place, the jeweler will be able to show you all the wedding rings that fit in your price range. Also understand that just like buying a car, you can also negotiate the price of an engagement ring. 

You must have heard this old saying- that a man typically has to spend 2 months of his salary on an engagement ring. That’s seriously not true and you can just stop thinking about it! This whole phrase was a part of an advertising campaign of a jewelry company back in the 40s. Obviously going under debt for marriage is not a very romantic gesture. Your girlfriend would love to start a life with you without any debts. So, if you don’t have as many savings for your wedding rings, that’s okay. Just buy something simple and pretty because after all, your ring is just a symbol of your love.

  1.       It should be a surprise

If you don’t know, women love surprises! Therefore, don’t go with your girlfriend to pick an engagement ring. While having your girlfriend pick the ring can ensure that the ring is of the perfect size, you actually are denying yourself a major opportunity to show her how truly romantic and thoughtful you are. Just imagine how happy your girlfriend would be if you proposed to her out of the blue! Imagine her joy to see the ring! Imagine how gorgeous and well-fitted your ring would look on her! 

If you are successfully able to pull off all these surprises, just imagine how happy your girlfriend is going to be! 

  1.       Find out her finger size

Here’s where a lot of men make mistakes. They have it all planned out perfectly well. And when everything goes smoother than ever, the ring has to be of the wrong size! Don’t worry now, everything isn’t lost just because you have the wrong ring size. All you got to do is take the ring back and spend some more money to make it the right size. But it’s best to avoid a second trip to the jeweler and the embarrassment of a misfit by making sure your chosen ring is perfect. The best way to get the perfect ring size is to bring along one of your girlfriend’s ring when you are out shopping. To maintain the surprise factor, try to sneak and steal your girlfriend’s ring. 

  1.       Choose the right engagement band

When it comes to engagement bands, you have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the most common wedding band metals include yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, and white gold. In fact, you can also make a wedding that contains more than one metal. 

Every metal has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, you can choose platinum if you want durability and a ring that can stand the test of time. But the problem with platinum is it becomes dull faster than gold. Also, bringing back the original shine and luster is next to impossible when it comes to platinum.

If you are planning to buy a gold wedding ring, then you should know its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of gold is it is shinier than platinum. In case the metal loses its glow, you can get it polished to its original shine. The problem with gold is it is a soft metal, and therefore it wears down faster than platinum. So in about 15 years, you will have to redshank your gold ring because it wore off and got thin. 

In conclusion

Keeping these four essential points in mind will help you pick the best wedding ring for your girlfriend. Since this is a once in a lifetime kind of an opportunity, make sure you explore as many rings as possible before finally settling for one. Don’t forget, your ring is a reflection of your love and therefore, it needs to be so stunning that your girlfriend just can’t refuse your proposal.

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