Did You Know About These Mind-Blowing Jewellery Blogs?

My friend once said that no one is perfect but your jewellery can be. And soon after, she showed me her jewel collection and especially the silver earrings that she had bought from a website through which you can buy silver jhumkas & earrings online . Being a millionaire, she has gemstone jewellery collected from all over the world. And take me with my words, her collection was fantastic. It was absolutely eye-calming that I kept staring at them like a spellbound person. Her words of perfectionism in the jewellery were flowing through my mind and I wanted to admire the hands of the craftsmen who made those masterpieces. That was the moment when I realized that the jewellery a person put on, directly depicts her personality and her taste.

If you are as big jewellery lover as me, you probably in a search to satisfy the carving for those lovely jewelry pieces in the same way I have. Well, since I can’t gift you the desired piece of jewellery, I can help you in another way. Yep, I will take you on a tour to world’s most loved jewellery blogs, their curators, fashion icons, and much more. So, fasten your seat belts and be ready to embark on a sparkling journey of quality jewellery.

  1. Kelly in the City

One of my most favorite blogs, Kelly in the City takes you into a world of beautiful wedding dresses, things you can decorate your home with, lovely gemstones, precious metal jewellery, and trendy imitation jewellery that is gathering admiration from all the leading fashion magazines. Kelly is the founder of this blog and every now and then, she comes up with some really great blog posts. She is currently a resident of New York county in the United States of America.

  1. Pandora Moa

Such a beautiful blog with such awesome writers. Pandora Moa is not a kind of blog where you will get regular fashion news. Here, a more specific kind of content awaits you. You will find guides like what kind of jewellery you should gift your mom on her wedding anniversary, on her birthday, or on the mother’s day.

  1. The Jewellery Loupe

Cathleen McCarthy is the founder of The Jewelry Loupe and she still writes a number of blog posts here on a regular basis. Overall, she, even after becoming popular among the brands and the celebrities, takes care of this blog as a baby. It has been more than 10 years since she started this blog and even today, you will find it stuffed with fine jewellery news, info about tribal jewellery, traditional wear.  You can easily find more information about the online silver jewelry store.

  1. Gem Obsessed

I should have put this name on the top of the list. But I thought that this blog is so popular that you all have probably visited it once or twice, maybe more. Yes, if you are obsessed with one or more kinds of gemstones, this is the spot for you. This is the place that will soothe your eyeballs with the colorful gemstones it showcases in its blog posts. It was founded by Cheryl Kremkow who is herself a fashionista and actively updates her users about the happenings of the fashional world. Her readers know all about what’s going in the life of celebrities.

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