Bleeding Gums and How it Can be Treated

Bleeding Gums and How it Can be Treated

Once in a while, we brush our teeth a little too hard and puncture our gums. Blood pours out which perhaps a little pain. Now that’s something anyone can ignore as it obviously looks like an accident. However, when this bleeding tends to be a little bit more frequent than normal, you may not be wrong if you suspect an underlying health condition.

Bleeding Gums and How it Can be Treated

Now the, knowing what caused the bleeding gum in a particular situation will determine what cause of action to take. Do you consider it an accident and neglect it? Do you treat it as a potential disease invasion and follow up accordingly?

Either way, it is recommended you see a dentist for treatment for bleeding gums is symptoms persist after 7 days. That said, here are a couple ways to deal with bleeding gums.

Oral Hygiene

There is a thin film of bacteria known as plaque which covers your teeth. These bacteria exist normally on the external surface of the teeth and are kept in check by flossing and teeth brushing. Not brushing daily (once or twice) will give room for these bacteria to spread to other parts of the mouth such as the gums where it could invade the tissues there. The result would be bleeding of the gums at the slightest “provocation”

Quit Smoking

Of course this is easier said than done but the benefits of a smoking-free lifestyle goes beyond the benefits it grants your lips. Non-smokers have brighter lips which are healthier if we may add. And healthier liips are less likely to crack and bleed in comparison to lips that have been weakened by cigarette heat and smoke. Needless to say, you probably know that freedomfrom smoking reduces the chances of developing cancer, stroke, lung disease and more.

Mouth Rinsing with Salt Water

Bacteria and salt water are not exactly the best of friends. This goes to say that rinsing your mouth with salt water will remove bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums especially when your mouth has been exposed to trauma or foreign bodies. And why battle bacteria? They have the potential to invade the gums and cause bleeding.

Good Eating Etiquette

This one is often easily neglected but observing good eating etiquette can save you from damaging your gums and causing bleeding. Chewing too fast can result in biting your tongue or gum. Eating meals that are too hot can literally boil your gums while rushing through meals can increase the chances of getting injured by bones.

Cold Compresses

Blood flows easily in warm temperatures. In the event of a bleeding gum, the individual can gently apply a cold compress (using a clean piece of cloth soaked in cold water) on the affected gum. Holding the cloth in place for a while, the pressure and coldness will restrict blood flow away from the gums and consequently arrest the situation.

Beyond these five tips you can easily apply to handle bleeding gums, there are supplements that can be taken to improve the condition but I’d rather you hear them from your doctor who is also going to make the prescription that work best for your situation. Note that almost all cases of bleeding gums resolve on their own, and in a couple of days. But if bleeding refuses to stop after once week, see your dentist. Do the same if bleeding is sudden and profuse even without trauma or external impact.

Bleeding Gums and How it Can be Treated

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