Best Gaming Laptop Under Rs. 60000 in India

In gaming laptop reviews we’ll discuss how the various companies like Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba came to be and learn a little about their best gaming laptops under Rs. 60000 with SSD for super fast loading time. What you have to look when you want to buy a new gaming laptop. 

For gaming Laptop GPU and Speed matters alot. For speed good processor and RAM is required and for graphics good GPU is the main requirement.

Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000:


 The Asus Tuf is designed for hardcore gamers that require a better graphics card, still it is also suitable for those who want a office laptop to perform daily tasks or for those who love to multitask. This model’s processor is powerful and able to stand up to laptops that run on AMD Ryzen 5-3550H processor. The 8GB of RAM is able to nicely compliment the processor, allowing you to run multiple programs without the worry of your laptop freezing up. The Asus TUF integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR5 4GB is quite powerful enough to provide you with the high quality gaming experience you need for games that are considered graphically intense. On this model’s impressive15.6 inch screen you can experience quality video viewing with the FHD vibrancy of colors and excellent viewing angles. So these configuration makes this the best gaming laptop under 60000.

Lenovo Ideapad S340

Lenovo Ideapad Laptop was launched this June and features a 15.3 inch monitor with the exterior offering a distinctive diamond textured aluminum and an eye catching red trim and red lighting. The specs for this model are just as impressive to most professionals and avid gamers. This laptop offers a very fast processor and amazing graphics capabilities, in addition to that it is very lightweight laptop. Even the most intense videogame play is handled well on this model, with the model’s impressively fast 512GB SSD drive. You’re also provided with 1TB of storage which allows you to store away large amounts of heavy media, including photos, feature length videos and an impressive music collection. The large 8GB RAM will allow you to game without the worry of your laptop freezing up. This model’s full sized keyboard, giving this laptop that extra bit of advantage over other gaming laptops on the market. This laptop also features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allowing you to easily integrate joysticks, headphones or other devices through four different USB ports. Even the business professional will love this model and will be able to benefit from the device’s high performance specs.

Dell Inspiron Core i5

 This model is great for gaming with its large 15.6 inch monitor and TruBrite LED backlit display, in addition to the impressive Full HD resolution. It can also be an ideal laptop for those graphic designers that are looking for a portable option when working away from the office. Movie watching is also ideal on this model, allowing you to view your videos with the highest quality possible.

The laptop’s Core i5 Processor – 8th Generation -8250U processor enables you to run up to four tasks all at the same time, without suffering a loss in the computer’s performance and the model’s 8GB of RAM will provide you with a guarantee for smooth multitasking.  This model has full keyboard helps those used to desktops to adjust to laptop life and won’t be considered a learning obstacle such as you might run into when using a smaller model. Consumers should also keep in mind that if they need to use this model for difficult or extreme processing tasks, the upgrade for the Dell is fairly simple and straight forward, so the user is able to easily and effectively double their system memory and run multiple programs at impressive speeds.

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