Are you looking for a long lost relative or friends? SpyFly can help


Endless hours on Google search, Facebook listing and other social media platforms, there are many profiles that you need to go through to find the details of a person you are interested in. This involves flipping through thousands of profiles, one by one and you just sit there and lose valuable time. That does not seem like an efficient way to find someone.

SpyFly lets you find lost relatives within seconds!

SpyFly is here to help you reconnect with a long lost relative or a friend. Moreover, not just that! Maybe you wish to find out your or someone else’s family history? By conducting a simple and swift search, the end report provided will show the exact person you searched for or their possible relatives and their detailed information that you will certainly find valuable.

By accessing the Country, State and Federal Records, we help you gain all the information you might need. All you need to do is input the person’s first and last name but also the state they are located in, for better chances to find them.

What details will SpyFly Show?

Our Public Records Search section provides you the ability to go into:

–          Arrest records;

–          Court records;

–          Criminal records;

–          Driving records;

–          Felony records;

–          Jail records;

–          Phone records;

–          Police records;

These are the best sites to find people’s information. In addition, each one might help you gather more and more. Only a few clicks and you are good to go!

How is SpyFly Different from other online databases?

SpyFly is not like the online search engines! But rather it gives you very insightful information that is reliable and up to date. Not only personal data like first and last name, but also an individual’s criminal record where you can find relevant details such as those listed above. Curiosity is never-ending. 

This will include a person’s background check up to your criteria, but also the person’s education, employment history or property ownership and perhaps any credit details.

You might be interested in knowing whether they have a criminal record as well. 

Using SpyFly, you will find if they have committed any crime punishable by law or if they were ever or about to be arrested, and even a simple traffic violations like DUI. In other words, their record is not sealed. This will allow you to be more at ease if you have a relative, a friend or someone you just started dating that you were suspicious of and can finally be clear on their history.

Use SpyFly to find details of a family member you are meeting after a long time 

Sometimes you might think that you want to meet a family member that you never had the opportunity to reach out to, but you always need to be careful. You might have already found them on Facebook, and you see images of them having fun, posting nice music and a lot of pictures taken with their dog, but you might be surprised by what you might find once you go through their criminal record.

Perhaps you are going on a first date with someone. Yes, they are very nice and polite at first, but better check if their name, address and personal details are real before things turn out not so nice. You can also check your sister’s new boyfriend and stop worrying make sure she stays safe and is not with someone who hides through layers of fake data.

SpyFly makes sure that the public information is available to you, but at the same time protect you and other individuals for misused information.

Positive Reviews show what SpyFly is Capable of

SpyFly has many reviews by past and current users where they describe their stories about finding long lost relatives and how we are the best place to find information about people

Some past users even mention examples of their lives being saved thanks to accessing the right information in the right moment and only on our website.

There have even been cases where people who have done a research on themselves have found out their public information is wrong and managed to solve this by consulting an attorney and reaching out to the right institution.

These days not many people like to display online more than their first name or alias, so finding someone’s residential address with only this data can be a real pain. SpyFly allows you to see the person’s previous and current residential address as well as their contact information such as a phone number that is in current use by this individual.

So, go ahead and add all that you think you know and find out even more. Are search field is very simple for use and it is the right place to find information about people. You might be surprised by who someone really is and what they have done in their past.

SpyFly provides consumers affordable, immediate access to public record information. Federal laws prohibit businesses from using SpyFly’s service to make decisions about employment, insurance, consumer credit, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.

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