Tubular Battery

All About Tubular Battery & Its Usage

There are different sorts of batteries out there that can be used in this present time. You require not to stick to the limited options of past when the contemporary time has the whole new world open for you. Have you ever heard about tubular ones? 

All About Tubular Battery & Its Usage

Well, speaking of Tubular battery, it is a type of lead acid battery. In this the positive conductor is not a grid, but it is a comb like lead frame that holds the positive material along with the assistance of tubular bags. The structure shows like a sequence of tubes placed properly next to next along the length of electrode and it is the reason the name is tubular. 

Such batteries are extensively used in applications like that of home power backup, electric propulsion of the vehicles, solar equipmentand much more. These batteries are deep discharge kind of batteries that means you would get a small amount of present (five –ten Amps) for an impressive long period of time like twelve to twenty-four hours.

Tubular batteries can never generate eruption of current and it is because the electrodes are thicker than that of the ones in any flat plate model. It is the reason why such batteries cannot be used in applications wherein a large amount of current is required for an extremely short period of time such as for starting a vehicle in the morning.

All About Tubular Battery Its Usage

It also is important to note that these tubular kind of batteries are popular to last twice as long as any sort of normal flat plate battery. It is because the positive active stuff never shed off because of guard catered by the tubes. Positive material withering away is the main reason for failure of lead batteries. In a characteristic sense, the life ranges from that of four to eight years.

Lead Acid Batteries are currently in use for more than one hundred fifty years. Having the advancement of programs and technology, the batteries have even become advanced. In the case of tubular, the active material is kept inside the structure surrounding grid combs wherein talking about flat plate; the Lead oxide gets placed on the grid structure.

so , the outside shape of plate of tubular allows for convenient movement of electrolyte and it ends up in fast charging, better thermal management , progressive life expectancy, better life cycle  and a lot more. It does not become heated up after getting used.

You must say no to Flat plate battery electrode kind because it is positive and negative. The life of Flat plate battery is somewhat three years. Also,these batteries have less efficiency and there is a lot of wastage of current too. 

Similarly, the maintenance in the case of flat batteries is quite high as well. But in the case of best tubular battery electrode type is the positive tube and negative plate. The Life of this tubular is five years. 


So, when you are going to get a battery for the best’s usage, make sure that you go for Tubular on only.

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