6 Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy this Summer

 OTC Skin Products

Prescription products are regulated, however, the same cannot be said for over-the-counter creams and lotions. These skin products may have different products and the guidelines are not as stingy. Although they are safe to use some companies mix the ingredients the way they like. Therefore, always buy over-the-counter skin products from a reputable brand.


Ingredients may not work

Some skin products promise that they have certain vitamins in them. They do have it but the concentration is usually low. And even if they are present doesn’t mean they’re effective. For instance, vitamin C is very unstable. Usually, there’s a decent amount of retinol or Vitamin A derivate in skin products and is actually good for the skin.


Daily sun exposure

You need sun exposure daily for vitamin D. 5-10 minutes of sun basking will suffice. Our skins are designed to make vitamin D itself. Some people, however, might need more vitamin D but it does not mean that they increase their exposure to the sun. Instead, such people should eat foods rich in vitamin D or resort to a supplement (on doctor’s advice only).


There’s a common misconception that sunscreen should be applied only when you venture out in the sun. Well, that’s not true. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen all the time. Many of us get accidental sun exposure which may cause sunburn or significant sun damage. Therefore, wearing sunscreen on a regular basis can help prevent this.



Overwashing your skin isn’t ok. Most of the acne suffers often make the mistake of over washing and drying their face. This can often further lead to unwanted and uncomfortable skin dehydration. Which increases the skin’s response to oil production. Plus did you know that scrubbing can lead to inflammation and unwanted coloration of your skin? It’s suggested that you only wash your face twice a day. Be careful that you’re not using soaps that strip your skin from its natural oils and dry it out.

Drink oodles of water

One of the most important factors in protecting your skin is hydration. Drink a lot of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Not drinking enough water can make you sick in many ways. When your body is dehydrated, your blood flow slows down. This way there’s less supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin resulting in dry or dull skin.

Staying hydrated this summer will help you in more ways than one. I myself am guilty of being a caffeine fanatic which unfortunately Coca-cola is not on this list of things that will help my skin to stay healthy this summer. I plan to put these tips into action and hope you will too.

Article Source :- https://simplyeverythingbeauty.com/how-to-keep-your-skin-healthy-this-summer/

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