6 Points to Consider Before Buying a New Car

You’ve decided to buy a swanky new car. The model has been selected, the price range matches your budget, and you’re getting it in your preferred color. So what more do you want?

Before purchasing a new car, most people don’t do more than the customary test drive. But that’s not enough. Before you decide to shell out a ton of money for your car, it is important that you do thorough research on your car, the dealership, insurance provider, payment terms, features in the car such as a vehicle monitoring system, and other essential details.

Deciding to buy a car can take months of planning. Once you have finalized your model, it takes a lot of time and effort from your side as well as from the dealer to bring the car to your doorstep.

If you come unprepared to take a test drive or have no idea about which car you really need, then it can be a total waste for you. So, here’s a comprehensive guide to test your car before you buy it.

How to Test Your Car Before Buying It

Conduct Thorough Research Before Going to the Dealership

You obviously cannot enter the dealership without at least a basic knowledge of the car you want to purchase. Everything you need to know about the vehicle requires prior knowledge. The dealership is best for negotiating the price, payment, and looking at the car physically before you take the test drive. Before going to the dealership, decide on the model and segment of the car first.

After you have chosen the model and segment, prioritize the features you are looking for. You have to consider various factors such as a car tracking device, electronic gadgets like music system, fuel option, comfort, space, etc. 

You can compare these elements on the web through car comparison sites and blogs that give you a fair idea of whether the car you have chosen is right or not.

Visiting the Dealership

Visiting the dealership and looking at the car in reality is a different experience from the pictures and research you carry out initially. Now that you have taken the next step, it is time to take a test drive. During your visit, the salesperson will give you an idea of the basic features of the car. Since you already know about the variants and features, you can ask for your test drive for the specific model you want. 

Ensure Demo Car is Insured

When it comes to the test drive, it is a mandatory rule that demo cars have to be insured. When you ask for the test, make sure you use the insured car of the dealer. It is mostly assumed that if you damage the car during the test drive, then the charges have to be borne by you. An insured car for a test drive will take care of those charges.

Make sure you ask your dealer about the demo car’s insurance and whether any damages have to be paid by you.

Check the Car

Simply driving the car will not help you decide if you want to buy the car. Doing an overall check of the car and its parts is extremely important. 

Check the interiors of the car for space and quality. Once you sit inside the car you will understand the ingress and regress in the rear and front seats. If you have family or friends coming along with you for a test drive, then ask them how comfortable they are in the backseat and whether there is enough legroom for those sitting in the passenger and back seats.

Test Drive the Car

Finally, you are ready to take the car for a spin. Avail the full experience of the car, it’s engine, power, and speed. Drive through different stretches of road. Take the car over potholes, take sharp turns, or run it on rugged terrain. Drive the car at different speeds but outright acceleration is not needed. Check if the clutch or brake is too tight or heavy. Switch on the AC, heater and other components to check if they work properly.

Drive Different Models 

Schedule a test drive for different models just like you did for the one you want. It is sensible to test drive other models because only then will you get an idea about the different aspects of another car. 


After you have considered various factors of your preferred model and other cars as well, take stock of all that you have learned. Once you have reached a consensus on your choice, contact your dealership to make the purchase. 


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