5 Best Restaurants in Brighton and Hove


In recent times the trend of organizing short parties has gained huge popularity among the youth and they do not leave a chance to celebrate any event, whether it is a hike in the salary, buying a new smartphone or carrying a new bag, etc. This has resulted in the emergence of various new restaurants across the world. An interesting fact about these restaurants is that besides providing quality food to the clients at affordable prices, they also provide them an opportunity of enjoying the cuisines of the other countries.

Going through all these reasons today there are a plethora of various renowned restaurants that are recognized as the venues for eating out in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Here, one thing which needs to be mentioned here more importantly about these restaurants is that they also provide enough space to their guests for organizing the parties of their personal and office events under their roof. A brief description of some of the best restaurants is referred to in the coming paragraphs.

  1. The Restaurant at Drakes: Located on the south coast of the Brighton, it is one of the restaurants that is known for the high quality of vegetarian, British and European dishes. Established almost 15 years back, this restaurant is not only recognized for its delicious food but also its fascinating interiors with soft grey walls, shuttered windows and brick archways making it a perfect place for dining out with family and friends. 
  2. The Blue Man: The two-floor restaurant is based on North African architecture is mainly recognized for North African food, the North African Mint tea and reserve coffee followed by a huge variety of wines, beers, and spirits. The restaurant offers you the choice of selecting from nibbles to three-course meals including dumplings, spicy wedges, rosemary fries and many more. 
  3. Bali Brasserie Restaurant: Located in the heart of Brighton and Hove, the Bali Brasserie restaurant is mainly recognized for its expertise in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. The seafront restaurant has been serving the highest quality of food to its guests for almost thirty years. The worth mentioning feature of this Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant is that it extendes into a wide area, thus offering enough space for organizing personal and official parties according to your requirements. Along with this you also have the facility of enjoying the taste of a huge variety of food followed by the daily course menu. One more thing which makes this restaurant different from other restaurants is the facility of live music being played by renowned local singers. Apart from a wide range of food, you will also find the facility of a huge bar with drinks of all brands from the different corners of the world. 
  4. Pho: If Bali Brasserie is recognized for the Indonesian and Malaysian food, then the Poh restaurant is mainly recognized for serving the food from the streets of Vietnam. The restaurant is highly famous among college-going students. Besides, providing a huge variety of street food, the worth mentioning the fact about the food is its freshness and enriched with the nutritional elements. 
  5. Smokeys: If you ever wanted to enjoy the taste of street food served in the streets in the United States of America, then visiting the Smokeys will satisfy your desire of eating the food from the streets of the US. Developed by making use of fresh ingredients the restaurant is opened till late night to satisfy your desire of enjoying the food your taste. 

Besides, these top 5 restaurants you will find a huge fleet of various restaurants that are recognized for their specialists and facilities.

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