Christmas Cookie Cutter More Than Just Baking Cookies

3 Hacks To Use Christmas Cookie Cutter More Than Just Baking Cookies

Why not put some stamp on a festive cookie with Christmas cookie cutter and make it look more delicious? Cookies can sheer the celebration of any event and elevate the mood of everyone. When its holiday season and everyone is in a mood to enjoy and have fun, this amazing cookie will double the fun.

3 Hacks To Use Christmas Cookie Cutter More Than Just Baking Cookies

It will impress guests with a ‘wow’ feeling. Also, in the Instagram era, such colourful design cookies will craft beautiful Insta stories. Cookies are loved by every age group. But, have you ever wondered these custom cookie Christmas cutters are so much more than cookies?

Once you realize the potential of cookie cutters, (especially during the holiday season) you’ll always want more cutters in the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner, options are limitless to use these amazing cutters in making any day special.

Here are 3 ideas where we can use these Christmas cutters to make our holidays more special:

#1 Mini Christmas pizza

The secret behind those mini shaped festive pizza is cutters. Bake the cheese crust pizza as you tempt. Next, cut the pizza using a Christmas cutter or any other favourite cookie cutter. Customization your holiday pizza with the cutter, add favourite toppings, and yes don’t forget the cheese.

The easiest way to enjoy festive mini pizza. There are a lot of options and varieties available in a cutter. We can buy any shape cutter; depending on the event and occasion and celebrate the pizza joy.

#2 Frozen whipped cream Christmas tree

Gourmet marshmallows in Christmas tree shape are adorable. Sounds expensive? But don’t worry. Cookie cutters can make it cost-effective. Here is an idea about it. Take a container of frozen whipped topping, stir in ¼ cup water, spread the stirred topping evenly into a baking sheet that you have or 13*9 and freeze the sheet for an hour.  Once the whipped gets firm, take the cutter and cut out in shape using the cutter and voila.

Hot cocoa is ready with Christmas tree marshmallow at a fraction of price. Using this hack, we can impress the guest in all the season with festive shape marshmallow with hot chocolate. Not only for guests, but we can also have this anytime we want and make our mood good.

#3 Christmas tree pancake

Pancakes are a low effort, high-reward breakfast. What’s more adorable than individual holiday pancakes. Make your favourite banana pancake or any other favourite pancake, cut it in the shape you like. Most importantly, decorate it with plenty of hot syrup.

Tip: To make it easier to free the Christmas tree or any other shape from the pane, line a sheet pan with parchment paper and coat with cooking spray.

These are just 3 hacks to use cutter more than just cookies. We can use a cookie cutter for many more food hacks. Also, we can get many varieties in cutter and can also ask for customization to make holidays more special. A cookie cutter has countless to be in our kitchen.

One of the absolute benefits of the cookie cutters is, we can fancy kids for healthy meals. Kids love adorable shapes and colours, and with so many shapes, they will be in sheer joy.

Where to find Christmas tree or custom cookie cutter?

Cookie Cutter Store is one of the most creative stores when it comes to custom cookie cutters in Australia. They have a wide range of cutter in their store and also craft tailor cutter us. Whether we need a Christmas tree set, reindeer, animals or any other shape; they have it all. To explore their cake decorative item and various cookie cutter, visit their e-store Custom Cookie Cutter.

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