wardrobe essentials for men

10 timeless wardrobe essentials for men

Seasons pass and trends change, but the style is eternal. When it comes to curating the perfect timeless wardrobe, we find ourselves struggling to stay on-trend.

Peaky blinders reinvigorated the fashion of long, wool suits. It tells us that a classic style never gets old! Timeless wardrobes focus more on style as opposed to trends. The whole concept of a classic wardrobe is to invest in pieces that remain unaffected by trends.

10 timeless wardrobe essentials for men

These pieces can be used to create a classic yet unique look every day, for any occasion. Confused about where to start? Here are ten wardrobe essentials every man needs.

wardrobe essentials for men

  • Well-tailored suit

Every man needs a well-tailored suit – sophisticated and elegant. A suit works in all kinds of social settings. Oversized suits were popular back then, and slimmer cuts are the fashion of today.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a nice suit, we recommend sticking to the traditional black or gray color. These versatile tones can be mixed and matched with an array of colors.

Having a suit doesn’t mean that it always has to be worn in three-piece. You can take out the coat and don it on a t-shirt for a casual yet elegant look. Take out the waistcoat and combine it with jeans. Dapper!

So, get a suit, and voila, you have so many wardrobe options.

  • Dress shirt

A crisp button-down dress shirt is essential that every man needs. There is nothing more versatile than a white dress shirt. You can wear it out to lunch, paired with jeans and loafers, or you can wear it to a formal event with a suit.

One thing you must ensure is that your dress shirt is well-tailored. Your fit can make or break your look. A well-fitting button-down shirt exudes a very chic and sophisticated aura. If you’re wearing it on a well-maintained body, it accentuates your body features. (Ooh!)

  • Dark denim jeans

Jeans are a must in every man’s wardrobe. They are just so easy to style and so comfortable; who could not love them? The best part about jeans is that they are timeless. You can wear it with whatever is trendy today, and you can also be sure that they will go with whatever is the upcoming trend.

Jeans come in an assortment of cuts and styles. The current trend is all about straight-cut dark denim. For a timeless wardrobe, you must pick one that you know you can style with multiple options.

A straight-cut dark pair of jeans works brilliantly with everything from a t-shirt to polo to a dress shirt.

  • Cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater used to be a luxury not everyone could afford. Fortunately, now, cashmere is affordable and accessible.

A cashmere sweater exudes a majestic aura that is hard to compete with. Soft and warm, yet supremely chic, a cashmere sweater busts the myth that style and comfort cannot go hand-in-hand.

Ideal for all sorts of social settings, you can style your cashmere sweater with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to chinos and a button-down dress shirt. A cashmere sweater amps up your look like nothing else.

We suggest investing in solid and versatile hues such as burgundy, cream, navy, mossy green, and black.

  • Casual blazer

A blazer is another accessory a man needs. Yes, suits are great, but suits cater more to formal and professional settings. A blazer, on the other hand, exudes a more relaxed and laid back vibe, which makes it perfect for casual and semi-formal wear.

A classic navy blazer is an excellent option. You can wear it with lighter pants, a light blue-toned dress shirt, and brogues for a polished look. You can even wear a blazer over a pair of jeans and a graphic tee for a more effortless and casual outlook. Another great pick is a camel brown-toned blazer.

As with a suit, the fit is crucial with a blazer too. Be sure to invest in a piece that hugs your shoulders and arms well and drapes effortlessly.

  • Chinos

Chinos do not get enough credit. Chic and effortless, they are ideal for casual gatherings as they fall right in the middle of the formal to casual scale. Perfect for outdoor weddings, lunches, parties, and more. Their lighter tone makes them great for pairing with darker outerwear like blazers, jackets, etc.

  • Polo shirts

Polo shirts are classy, comfortable, and easy to style, making them ideal for casual wear. Pair them with shorts, jeans, or chinos and complete the look with a cardigan or a cargo jacket on top.

  • Leather jacket

A leather jacket is an absolute must-have item. There is nothing like it. A leather jacket always turns heads wherever it goes. The best part about it is its versatility, as you can use it to dress up or dress down any ensemble.

An investment made in a genuine leather jacket is the one you’d never regret. It is a timeless classic that will last for years. Your safest bet is a black or brown leather jacket, but if you enjoy color, you can opt for a blue, gray, or maybe even a bright colored number too.

  • White and black tees

Black goes with everything. Even if you bring a new color from heaven, black will still go with it. Then there are white t-shirts – the trusted friend that always has your back.

You can wear a white tee with anything from a jacket to a blazer to a sweater. Wear it over jeans, shorts, or maybe even dress pants and a blazer. The same applies to black t-shirts.

Since black and white tees are in constant use, we recommend getting your hands on something that promises quality. Don’t go cheap. It lessens the importance of a black and white t-shirt.

Find a cut that flatters your face cut and shape. If you have a round face, we suggest getting a V-neck tee. If you have a more extended look, a round-neck tee will work fantastically.

  • Oxford shoes

When it comes to shoes, the options just don’t end. Loafers are excellent for casual wear. If you are looking for a shoe style that is a casual-formal hybrid, Chelsea or chukka boots are great picks.

However, if you are on the search for a timeless and classic design, our favorite is the classic oxford shoes – simple, elegant, and polished. You can never go wrong with oxfords. Whether it is formal, casual, or professional wear, oxfords just never fail to impress.

The final word

While some items in our wardrobe cost a petty penny, others are investment pieces. When it comes to building a timeless wardrobe, we suggest making good investments because these pieces form the foundation of your look. Create your personalized, timeless wardrobe with pieces that you know will stand the test of time.


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