surprisingly healthy benefits of gaming

10 surprisingly healthy benefits of gaming

We all remember our childhood when the only thing we wanted to do was ‘to play video games,’ and the only thing our parents wanted to do was ‘to stop us.’ They said that is was not good for us, and we will lose precious time, and our studies will be compromised and whatnot.

surprisingly healthy benefits of gaming

It was so exasperating. No?

We all took the words of our parents as ‘gospel truth’ because we were so gullible. But guess what? Now experts are saying that ‘playing games wasn’t all that harmful.’

They believe gaming can have many health benefits contrary to what is often portrayed in the mass media. From higher concentration levels, trauma control, faster decision making, multitasking, enhanced social skills, and quicker learning, the benefits of gaming are endless.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the health benefits of gaming and why you should be playing those more.

10 surprisingly healthy benefits of gaming Here

  1. Faster brain working

According to most experts, ‘reading and gaming have almost the same level of benefits.’ Both reading and gaming boost imaginative capabilities. However, gaming improves the imagination more as the player can see the characters.

  1. Improves Concentration

Gaming increases the concentration level. Researchers say that action games are great at improving a person’s concentration level. Moreover, logic, puzzle, and racing games also enhance our ability to focus.

Experts say that flashlights and flickering motion games can improve the attention span of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients.

  1. Treats mental distress

Gaming also eases your mental distress. It is because games have relaxation-inducing features. When children are mentally disturbed, they immerse themselves in the world of video games.

Parents are apprehensive that video games disconnect kids from reality. However, video games can help avoid negative thoughts in people who are depressed.

The experts now recommend that gaming should be included in the list of ways to cure mental illness.

  1. Improve social skills

Introvert. Shy. Recluse. Can you relate to these words? Do you think they aptly describe you? If yes, then we are here to tell you, “Stress not! You don’t have to go out to make friends.”

Sit home and play games! It can also improve your social skills. Multiplayer is your place to find new pals. There is an entire community out there playing multi-player games.

If you are taciturn and want to talk less, the multi-player gaming community has other people who are like you. It is a community that is there for each other. They bond, and also have fun.

It is often found that people make better friends who are far away as compared to friends who live near you. Studies have shown that gaming makes people more social.

With the emergence of games like PUBG, Fortnite, and many others, it is even easier to increase social skills by talking to a lot of people at once and break the ice, even if you are the shy one.

  1. Enhances memory

Math games, puzzle games, and strategy games are some genres of games that can strengthen your memory. All these games have one thing in common: numbers and logic.

It has been proven through various qualitative research that puzzles, strategy and logic games are a sure way to enhance memory. Gamers, both established and newcomers, are now looking for more games that involve logic, reasoning, and strategy.

Now, more websites and developers are focusing on creating puzzles and solution-oriented games. People are increasingly looking for online gaming websites where they can have multiple gaming options to choose form.

It is the reason we see an increase in the number of online subscription based gaming websites like unlimited gamez mo who offer a wide variety of simple, problem-solving and fun games.

6.     Improves balance

Now that virtual headsets are available in the markets, you can use them to create real-life scenarios while playing games. The positive side of playing VR games is that they increase your physical abilities as well.

VR games help you improve your balance, such as skating, cycling, and similar others. These games can also be played by people who have nerve damage, back problems, or difficulty in motor skills.

  1. Improve relationships and bonding

Both video games and actual games that you play outside are a great way to improve relations and bonding. They help build connections, make friends, and strengthen your social bonds.

Friends plan game nights and create a wholesome experience for themselves. The release of popular games brings like-minded people together who play and discuss the good and bad aspects of those games.

It ferments a social group that is as close as a group of best friends.

  1. Games improve eyesight

All the years you were prohibited from playing games on the pretext that it is harmful to your eyesight… Well, it was not all that true! It is proven now that games can truly improve vision.

According to a study of McMaster University in Canada, gaming improves vision, and there is a 30 percent increase in the ability to recognize faces, read the small print, and track moving dots during tests.

  1. Make you learn faster

Want to learn something faster? Don’t know how to do so? Play games. Games are created on logic, patterns, puzzles, maps, and paths. These are the connectors that you need to understand something faster.

This is what happens when you are trying to learn something new. There are times when your mind will not grasp everything. But when you play more games, your mind also becomes sharp enough to understand that logic.

In most cases, this helps you learn different concepts at the same pace, making you learn faster.

  1. Improve hand-eye coordination

Think of all the games that you can play to improve reflexes. Table tennis, baseball, boxing, and even VR games like sword break, jumping bricks, and many more.

These games help you improve your motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In a study, a group of students was allowed to play video games for two hours each day. When they were tested and compared with their peer groups who didn’t play games, they performed significantly better.

We hope that now you understand that gaming is not all that bad. There are ways in which playing games can boost your health. However, moderating them to extract those benefits is the key.

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