10 Great Tips To Look Photogenic On Your Wedding

The one thing that you need to understand is that, being beautiful is entirely different from being photogenic. You might actually be very beautiful but not necessarily photogenic. There are some tips and tricks that will ensure that you look stunning in all those clicks on the day of your wedding.

In this world of digital media, it is sure that you’ll be sharing your wedding images on social media websites. Getting some bad photos on the most important day of your life will surely be traumatizing. A lot depends on the photographer when it comes to taking some great photographs, but there are some tips that you must follow as well.

The following are some tips that are provided by some of the affordable wedding photographers in Mumbai that’ll ensure that your photographs reflect your real beauty.

Avoid Flash

You should consult with your wedding photographer, and if possible, try to completely ditch the flash. You must ensure that there is enough natural light, for some great photographs. If you’re getting married at an evening hour, then you must set the stage lights in a manner that it’ll be enough to light everything up. Just don’t go overboard with the lighting as it’ll blow out the images.

Wear Natural Makeup

We understand that you are the bride and want to look your best at the wedding but trust us, wearing multiple layers of makeup on top of each other will not do you any good. You might look really awesome in-person when wearing such makeup, but your skin will look oily and will also give out a ‘grown up look’ in the photographs.

Push Your Face Forward

While getting photographed, make it a habit of pushing your face a bit forward, and point your chin down. This will ensure that you never get a double chin in the photographs. It might feel a bit awkward but you’ll surely thank us after seeing those clicks.

Study Your Earlier Pictures

The most basic thing that you must do before the day of your wedding is to look at some of your earlier images, and select the ones in which you look really great. Now you must study them, and try to spot a pattern that will help you to understand which pose looks good on you.

Avoid Saying Cheese

Aren’t you already tired of saying cheese when someone clicks your photographs? You must absolutely drop the idea of saying cheese and should just joke around and laugh. There is nothing more beautiful than a natural laugh.

Be In Tons Of Images

You might think that you’re not photogenic and might even shy away from getting photographed. But trust us, photographs are a game of averages. The more the photographs clicked, the more will be the chances of you looking good in them.

Grab Onto Something

It is obvious that standing there on the stage will get you nervous, which will surely reflect in all the photographs as well. So, just grab a prop or hold onto your partner, it’ll definitely help to get a composed posture and look much more natural.

Look At A Light

Find a light source just behind the photographer and look at it when getting clicked. This tiny little trick will help your eyes sparkle and add a flattering gleam into your pupils.

Slowly Raise Your Head

Yes you heard it right! Slowly raising your head and giving a smile just seconds before taking a photograph will ensure that your face seems relaxed and will look really natural. The only thing that you must remember is to practice doing it, so that you are calm and composed when doing it on the day of your wedding.

Set Up A Lighter Backdrop

You must ask your wedding decorator to set a lighter backdrop(preferably white) on the stage. This will ensure that your face looks much brighter. A white background ensures that the camera get the right white balance and don’t turn your skin tone into pink or yellow.

We understand that, with all those preparations going on for your wedding, you might not take out time for yourself and decide on the poses that you want to be clicked in. Keeping these few things in mind will ensure that no matter what pose you sport, you’ll look good in all of your wedding pictures.

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